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Checking The Pulse: How Do You Feel About Gary Kubiak?

"No, Andy.  I will not be your QB coach."
"No, Andy. I will not be your QB coach."

As we wait for the arrival of what I'm beginning to believe is a fictional Battle Red Bag, let's distract ourselves with a frank discussion about the head coach of your Houston Texans.

As recently as a year ago, there were plenty of fans who did not think Gary Kubiak should still be employed at Reliant Park. I mean, Kubes' strategery once inspired this post, so it's not like his time in Houston has been all sunshine and lollipops. Such is life after a promising 9-7 2009 season morphed into a 6-10 2010 campaign, especially since Kubes had delivered 6-10, 8-8, and 8-8 records from 2006-2008.

Funny how the most successful season in franchise history can change the narrative.

Now, Gary Kubiak is about to get a new contract that'll presumably feature a nice raise. Given the team's success in 2011 and how bright the future looks, it's hard to argue with that plan.

Yet I ask you: How do you feel about the prospect of Gary Kubiak coaching your Houston Texans for the foreseeable future? Yes, he could still be fired at any time, even with a new deal in place, and Bob McNair has not given off the impression that he's one to pinch pennies, so it seems unlikely that having to pay two head coaches would keep him from employing a capable replacement, should that day come. In other words, even Kubiak's most vehement critics cannot claim that Kubes getting his deal extended is some sort of apocalypse that'll ruin the Texans.

Are you completely sold on Kubes as a head coach?