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Quotes From The Final Texans OTA Of The Year

Lots of reps coming for you, Case.
Lots of reps coming for you, Case.

The full transcript can be found here. As usual, I'll just highlight a few nuggets in this space.

Gary Kubiak:

(on how practice went today) "It was good. We really responded today. I liked the way we practiced. We were into what we were doing and we covered a lot of things. We had one scare out here today; we had a collision. We got through OTAs clean and I think our teaching has been good. We’re going to go back and take a look at what we’re going to do next week."

(on if he held his breath on the collision) "Yeah, I sure did. We busted a route, made a mistake on a route and unfortunately, that’s football. Golly, just trying to teach but we’re lucky right there."

(on what QB Case Keenum needs to do in minicamp to be even better) “I’m going to give him a ton of reps. I’m going to take some of the older guys and just work them with (head strength and conditioning coach) Cedric (Smith). I’m going to keep the young guys out here next week. He’ll work as the two next week, so that will be good for him and just keep getting as many as he can.”

(on having ILB Brian Cushing and back on the field today) “Yeah, I thought it was important to have Cush (Brian Cushing) step back on the field today. He missed those three days. We could’ve sat him but he wanted to go and end the OTAs having some work. I think it was important.”

(on what injuries he is worried about) “I worry about them all until they get back out here. I feel good. I feel good about Matt (Schaub) and where he’s at. I think he could be practicing right now. Andre (Johnson) is probably a little further behind Matt right now. Loni (Hebron Fangupo) will be back. Probably the biggest question mark right now is (Darryl) Sharpton. Looking at where we’re at, Sharpton could not come out and practice right now. He needs to be in there battling with Bradie (James) for a starting job. Probably that’s my biggest concern right now, seeing that he’s 100 percent and can go out there and compete for a job.”

(on if WR Lestar Jean has established himself as a No. 3 receiver at this point) “No, I wouldn’t go there. If we were playing today, yeah, he’d be established and ready to go.”

(on K Randy Bullock’s ability to kickoff) “He’s got a strong leg and he’s pretty consistent. I’ve been impressed with him. Until we get going where we’re kicking every day from a competitive standpoint, I think we’ll have to wait and see, but I think it will be a good battle. Like I said, we’re going to end up with a new kicker, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a young one but it’s going to be a new one. We’ll see how it works out.”

Connor Barwin:

(on becoming more comfortable with the defense) “I think one big thing is that I’ve learned how (linebacker coach) Reggie (Herring) and how (defensive coordinator) Wade (Phillips) coach and what they want out of us. I’ve been able to try and improve upon those things. For a defensive player or for any player or athlete, the more you can build your confidence, the better you play. I’m a little more comfortable. My ankle is fine. I feel healthy, so going into this year with some confidence is definitely going to help.”

Brian Cushing:

(on if being held out of yesterday’s OTA because of a knee issue was serious) “No. It’s as minor as they come. A bruise at most. If anything, it was more precautionary right now because of OTAs. I was out here today 100 percent, I haven’t felt better. No issue.”

(on what he learned from DeMeco Ryans leadership-wise) “There was a lot of leadership stuff I learned from him and how to be a pro. How to act and the kind of hours he put in and the dedication and really how much he loved this game. I just try to model myself after him.”

(on if anything specific the defense needs to improve on) “We can play a little more sound. I think if anything, what we didn’t know last year we made up with effort. That’s something we hope to continue this year and play hard and just impress people when they turn on the film. And that’s something we want to continue to do.”

Matt Schaub:

(on where he is on his rehabilitation schedule) “I’m ready to go.”

(on what he thinks about the team’s young receivers) “There’s a lot of potential, a lot of talent in that group and we just got to continue to work with them and bring them up to speed on what we do when you’re out there in the heat of the battle when there’s no coaches around and the adjustments we make with our routes and how we run them and attack in certain coverages. We got time to do that. So far, through OTAs they did a great job picking up what we do and the core of our offense."