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Saturday Night Tunes: What Day Is It? Edition

They love that I'm oh-so-giving.
They love that I'm oh-so-giving.

Look, you and your rules can go jump in a lake. Make it Lake Nickelback, while you're at it. Saturday is only, like one or two days away, so it's close enough. Horseshoes and hand grenades, bay-beeeeee. /Al Bundy'd

Now that we've got formalities out of the way, it's time for this week's month's whatev's edition of Saturday Night Tunes, where I periodically awe you with the awesomeness of my taste in music. Because I'm in Austin, that's why. Those of you who've been around know that I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. Millie in in the movie Bull Durham says it best: "Well, he ***** like he pitches, sorta all over the place." That's my taste in music. And probably describes my aim. So join me after the jump, won't you, and be overwhelmed by my great greatness.

Starting the list is Polyfonia by the Apparat Organ Quartet, which may have actually been a reader recommendation on a previous list (yes, I actually take notes and listen to suggestions. Except for grungedave's, though, because he hasn't listened to anything but Nirvana since 1994. Of course, Rip Jersey doesn't know anything has been released since the Urban Cowboy days.). Back when I started doing Saturday Night Tunes for some stupid, crappy blog about six years ago, I was in a major electronica phase. Upon discovering the Def Jux label (teaser!), I kinda moved on from electronica aside from the occasional deadmau5 and the such. Oddly, when I'm writing code, I have a tendency to have electronica on, and Apparat has been my go-to group for these times. More oddly, I also seem to have a thing for Icelandic bands, being a huge fan of Korpiklaani and all.

After searching for new sounds after my electronica phase, I completely stumbled upon Aesop Rock and the Def Jux label, which is now defunct. I've mentioned this before, putting the album in my Top 10 a couple months ago, but I'll Sleep When You're Dead is simply an outstanding album from beginning to end. Recently, I've been re-visiting the album on a heavy, constant basis. Why, you might ask? Because El-P has a new release, that's why.

I don't know why, but it seems like everything El-P touches is a home run for me, and Cancer 4 Cure is no exception. Kicking off the album with "Request Denied" sets the tone nicely, and "Drones Over BKLYN" is simply wonderful. Toss in a little Killer Mike (who was on Frisky Dingo, the artistic precursor to Archer), and I'm going to wear out the hard drive bits where this album sits.

So, BRB, you now know I take notes on your recommendations. Radio Moscow, Left Lane Cruiser, and O'Brother have all been recent recommendations from these posts. What else do you peeps have for me?

El-P's "Flyentology: