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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Much Ado About Nothing?

Terrelle Pryor appreciates the supplemental draft.  And free stuff.
Terrelle Pryor appreciates the supplemental draft. And free stuff.

There are only eight (8) potential draftees, and it would be surprising if your Houston Texans burned a pick on any of them, but's July 12th, and we are stranded in the football desert. We'll gladly take this single drop of water, even if it has no real bearing on how your Houston Texans will do in 2012 or beyond.

From SB Nation, we learn that the proceedings will start at noon CDT today, and that will post the picks. From, we learn how exactly the draft order is determined and how teams submit their picks:

The supplemental draft operates differently than the regular NFL draft. Each team is given the opportunity to submit a bid on any player who is eligible for the supplemental draft. If interested, a team will send the league office an email with the round in which they would like to select a particular player. The team that submits the highest bid is awarded the rights to a player.

If multiple teams submit bids in the same round for the same player, the league will apply a weighted lottery system (performed immediately before the supplemental draft) to determine which team is awarded the player. The system is a bit complicated, but here are the basics:

• Each team's position will be weighted by assigning the weakest team the greatest number of lottery chances and the strongest team the fewest number. Team strength and weakness will be determined by the order of the first round of the previous April's draft, exclusive of any trades.

• Once these values are assigned, teams are split into three groups: 1) Teams that won six or fewer games in the previous regular season; 2) Remaining non-playoff teams; 3) The 12 playoff participants.

• A lottery is performed within each group to produce the order of that group's teams, with the overall order progressing from Group 1 to Group 2 to Group 3.

If a team is successful in its bid, that team forfeits its draft pick in the April draft for the round in which it bid.

From Bill Brasky, we learned how to love a woman and how to scold a child. This is your thread to chat about all things supplemental draft.