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An Update On Darryl Sharpton's Recovery

If there's anyone itching to get back to's Darryl Sharpton.
If there's anyone itching to get back to's Darryl Sharpton.

While Matt Schaub was recently granted a clean bill of health after his Lisfranc injury, another Houston Texan is still rehabbing from his own season-ending injury.

Buried at the back-end of a story on about Matt and wife Laurie graciously donating $200,000 to the Texas Children’s Hospital, is an update on inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton.

Later Monday, linebacker Darryl Sharpton says he's still recovering from a torn right quadriceps that forced him to miss the entire second half of last season.

"I've kind of transitioned from the training room to the weight room," said Sharpton, who made 12 tackles in eight games. "I'm definitely gotten over that hump, I'm feeling good and I'm pretty much there, ready to go."

A fourth-round draft pick in 2010, Sharpton is expected to see more playing time this season after the Texans traded DeMeco Ryans to Philadelphia. Sharpton, speaking during a break at the Texans' annual youth football camp, says he expects to be ready when Houston opens training camp on July 27.

"I've been running around, cutting, and doing pretty much everything full-speed," Sharpton said. "There's nothing like actually going out there and running into the `A' gap and blowing up a fullback. There's no kind of preparation you can do for that, so I've just got to go out there and test it."

Sharpton does attempt to say he’s ready to go, but, unlike Schaub, there's been no word that he's medically cleared. I, among many noted minds around the Texans' corner of the interwebs, didn't think or expect him to be ready for day one of camp. If he can go on day one then he's ahead of the game. Like Ryans before him, I still do think it will take Sharpton some time to build up the strength and confidence to really fly around as he was pre-injury.

Additionally, I thought the Texans were leaning towards easing Sharpton back into the swing of things by procuring noted Wade guy Bradie James. It’ll be interesting to see Sharpton’s workload and progress once training camp starts, but I’m still of the mind that James starts because of the recovery and copious amounts of Wadepraise he’s received. I do think the snaps will eventually shift to 50-50 split between the two, which will help keep the veteran from wearing down and keep Sharpton from rushing back too quickly and overexerting himself.

I'd like to think that the Texans learned from the Ryans injury, but we'll see how it plays out when camp opens in 11 short days.

H/t Alan Burge for pointing this out on Twitter.