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Matt And Laurie Schaub Donate $200,000.00 To Texas Children's Hospital

Less than two weeks before new training camp pictures.
Less than two weeks before new training camp pictures.

As we've said before in this space, with all the negative stories floating around out there about professional athletes, we won't miss an opportunity to highlight a situation where a Houston Texan is doing something good for the community. Yesterday's news that the Schaubs donated $200,000.00 to Texas Children's Hospital here in Houston through their Gr8 Hope Foundation is just that.

Note that this donation is on top of the $108,000.00 the Schaub family donated to TCH last year.

Schaub is due to make about $7.15 million this year, the last of his current contract. Schaub said he and his wife plan to make helping the hospital a long-term priority, regardless of where he’s playing in future years.

"It’s something that Laurie and I didn’t want to put together just for a flash in the pan, a one- or two-year thing," Schaub said. "We wanted to do this as long as we can, as long as we’re here in Houston, wherever we are after that. It’s very important for us to be here, because we’ve developed such a great relationship with the people here. It’s important for us to keep this thing going as long as we can."

Kudos, Schaubs. On behalf of Texans fans and Houstonians everywhere, thank you for your generosity.