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2012 Texans Training Camp: Which Camp Battles Intrigue You?

TE2?  FB1?  U2?
TE2? FB1? U2?

With training camp for your Houston Texans on the near horizon, let's talk about who you're most interested in seeing compete and/or which battles you're most eager to follow.

Truth be told, for all the no-one-is-assured-a-roster-spot talk that goes around this time of year, there are only a handful of positions really up for grabs. Even then, jobs that we as fans think might be available may not actually be; the coaches may already have their guy(s). With that disclaimer out of the way, which Texans and/or positions are you going to be keeping an eye on?

Right tackle? Rashad Butler v. Derek Newton?

Tight end? Owen Daniels is the starter, but can Garrett Graham show he should be getting snaps at TE2 over James Casey (who is presumably the starting fullback)?

Right guard? Antoine Caldwell is the incumbent. Will he hold off Brandon Brooks and anyone else who could challenge for the starting gig?

Who enters the regular season as the third wide receiver in Houston?

Who's returning punts and kicks?

Who wins the kicking job--Randy Bullock or Shayne Graham?

Does Case Keenum beat out John Beck for the QB3 job? Does it even matter?

I'm sure I left out a battle or two, so fill in the gaps as necessary.