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Texans To Work Out Bryant Johnson And Roy Williams Today

I love.  I hate.  I cry uncontrollably.
I love. I hate. I cry uncontrollably.

Mark Berman was the first person I saw report that your Houston Texans would be working out WRs Roy Williams and Bryant Johnson today. Well, him and Mr. Fosburgh. If the reaction on Twitter was any indication, the Texans fan base is less than enthused about this development. To the naysayers, I would advise DON'T YOU EVER BESMIRCH THE GOOD NAME OF ROY EUGENE WILLIAMS, JR. HE IS A TEXAS LONGHORN AND THUS A PRINCE OF A MAN.

Oh, my. I got a little defensive there. My apologies.

Seriously, though...we're talking about two veteran wide receivers trying out for an invitation to training camp. In late July. With training camp having begun for several other teams already and starting for your Houston Texans in less than 48 hours. This means 32 teams had, until this point, decided they weren't interested in employing either gentleman. The Peyton Manning where's-he-gonna-play saga, this ain't.

Back around OTAs, the Texans went down this road with Mike Sims-Walker and took a pass on him. I suppose Bryant Johnson has an advantage in being familiar with the offense from his time with the Texans last year, and I'd bet there's a reasonable chance that the Texans sign Williams or Johnson (not both) to be a camp body. Regardless, I'd theorize that the chances of either guy making the Texans' 53-man roster are extraordinarily low.

Nor would I view the Texans auditioning a couple of veteran WRs as some sort of indictment of Lestar Jean, Keshawn Martin, and DeVier Posey. I cannot fathom any of those guys losing a roster spot to Roy Williams or Bryant Johnson.

Your take, BRB? Please make sure to share said take while humming "The Eyes of Texas."