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Texans Training Camp On BRB And Twitter

J.J. Watt on the first day of his first training camp last year.
J.J. Watt on the first day of his first training camp last year.

Tomorrow marks the first day of training camp for your 2012 Houston Texans. As Fate would have it, tomorrow also marks the first of the six (6) practices open to fans. BRB "staff" won't be able to attend every open practice, what with the jobs, families, and assorted other jibber-jabber. We gather, however, that there's an excellent chance members of the BRB community will be at each of the open sessions, and we're willing to bet that at least a few of you will have phones that are not shaped like bricks and even feature internet access.

Our plan is to post an open thread at 6 a.m. on the mornings of each of the six (6) open practice sessions--tomorrow, Sunday (July 29th), Monday (July 30th), Wednesday (August 1st), Friday (August 3rd), and Saturday (August 4th). The hope is that those threads will allow those of us who are at the practices to pass along our observations, and for those of us who can't make it to get something approaching real-time training camp reports. Plus, you know, all the usual BRB interaction between Texans fans that accompanies open threads.

Speaking of real-time camp reports, Twitter can be a tremendous tool in that regard. In addition to your fervent participation in the aforementioned BRB threads for each of the open training camp sessions, feel free to follow the following accounts for Texans news and thoughts as training camp unfolds (yes, some will assuredly be better than others):

Greg Koch
N.D. Kalu
Drew Dougherty
Nick Scurfield
Seth Payne
John McClain
Mark Berman
Matt Jackson
Adam Wexler
John Granato
Sean Pendergast
Lance Zierlein

I have no doubt I left some good people out, so add to the list as you see fit in the Comments. And if you're going to be attending a training camp session or three, please let us know.