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Texans Training Camp: "Minor (Body Part) Issue" Seems To Be A Popular Phrase

Yep, you can clearly see a minor issue with that hamstring.
Yep, you can clearly see a minor issue with that hamstring.

I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should take the funny route (and say that the injuries are just as in with the 2012 Houston Texans as they were in 2011) or the 'Keep Calm and Training Camp on' route (and say that injuries usually happen in those first few days due to players getting back into the swing of things).

I guess it's a moot point now, huh? Hit the jump to see which Texans may be missing some camp time.

Firstly, Gary Kubiak said that inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton has suffered a setback as he attempts to return from his quadriceps injury. The words being used are 'hip issue' and 'being evaluated.'

This writer is of the belief that the Texans need to take it slow with Sharpton, who figures into the future plans of the franchise. There is no need, thanks to Bradie James, for Sharpton to rush back. Hopefully, the injury is nothing serious.

Secondly, cornerback Kareem Jackson has a minor hamstring issue, Kubiak said in his usual vague way. It's "just a little sore, not a pull, not a tear, nothing serious." It may not be serious, but Mr. Jackson's in a very critical camp and can't afford to be on the sideline...although his detractors may say that's exactly where he belongs.

Finally, All-Galaxy wide receiver Andre Johnson had an issue with his groin during Sunday morning's open practice. An MRI revealed he has a strained groin that should keep him out of practice all week (apologies to those heading to training camp hoping to get a glimpse of greatness). Before the injury prone talk starts up, let's remember that Johnson hasn't missed any games yet. It's not a call to panic until he misses games. For what it's worth, Andre says he's not limping.

With the top dog down, the Texans will see just how good those youngsters are as they begin to strap on the pads. Hall of Famer LeStar Jean likely stands to see the most snaps with the first teamers, so he will have the spotlight at all open practices.

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