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Replay At Reliant Stadium Just Got A Whole Lot Better

One of the complaints often voiced by those who attend NFL games live at the stadium centered on how the replays shown there were frequently different than what fans watching on television saw. At Reliant Stadium, replays in any way, shape, or form were virtually nonexistent; despite having two monstrous, state-of-the-art screens at each end zone that could easily show replays of close and/or disputed calls, Texans fans were rarely treated to any replays.

Good news--the times, they are a' changin'.

Fans at NFL games this season will get a look under the hood, so to speak -- all stadium video boards will show the same replay the lead official is viewing on the sideline video monitor.

"They'll see the exact same angles at the exact same time as he does," Rich McKay, the Atlanta Falcons' president and NFL competition committee chairman, said this week.

It's a positive for fans because they haven't always had that vantage point. Prior to this coming season, it was up to home teams to show as much or as little replay as they wanted.

Watching a football game live at the stadium is awesome. It is not, however, perfect. From the expense, be it in the form of tickets and overpriced concessions, to minor items of inconvenience (restroom lines, a lack of internet access, etc.), there is a trade-off to attending a game as opposed to watching it from the comfort of your own home. We used to be able to include a lack of replay access in that list of differences; now, it looks like there's one less thing for stadiumgoers with which to take issue.