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Jerry Jones Cried After Losing To The Houston Texans

Bob sure looks happy.
Bob sure looks happy.

I did not plan on writing anything today since I am currently packing to go out of town for the weekend, but something popped up on my Twitter timeline that I could not ignore and wanted to share with the BRB brethern and sistern. Let's take a quick jump to some mid-week schadenfreude.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should probably start keeping quiet, but luckily he won't. Over the past few days, Jones has talked about wanting him some gloryhole and about how people should watch as his team "beat the New York Giants' ***." This morning, Jones added another delicious doozy for two of his franchise's rivals.

On The Dan Patrick Show, Jones admitted to crying twice about losses during his tenure as owner. One would be after a playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers. The other? September 8th, 2002. Also known as 19-10, and also known as the Houston Texans' first regular season game and victory.

There is tons of trash talk between the fan bases, but you would be really hard-pressed to ever top this one. Your Houston Texans have made Jerry Jones cry. David Carr, of all people, made Jerry Jones cry. Hopefully, this puts some pep in your step for the rest of the day.

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