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Exhale: Duane Brown Has A Bone Bruise

Rick Smith reacts to the news that Duane Brown's injury is only a bone bruise.
Rick Smith reacts to the news that Duane Brown's injury is only a bone bruise.

When word came down this morning that Duane Brown had injured his ankle and left the practice field, some Texans fans reacted as though it was August 2, 2011. Fortunately, as it was a year ago, it seems as though the Texans had Lady Luck on their side. Tis but a bone bruise for the Texans' franchise left tackle. Kubes, Brown, and perhaps the luckiest dude of all, Matt Schaub, tell the tale after the jump.

“We’re lucky,” Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. “Arian (Foster) made a cut, and (Brown) was engaged and he got kicked. It scares you, but he’s fine. He’s got a bad bruise. He’s probably going to miss a couple days, and we’ll be smart with him through the week. Oh, boy. He’s an important piece of the puzzle… You sure to hate to lose guys that way, but he’s going to be fine.“

Brown said after the Texans’ Wednesday afternoon practice that he was “pretty sore” but that the injury was “nothing major.”

“(It was) extremely scary,” Brown said. “I’ve been blessed not to get hurt that often, so whenever you go down and it’s kind of hard for you to walk the next play, it’s extremely scary. When I got the X-rays and everything came back negative, I was extremely relieved.

“I don’t expect to be out too long. I’ll be out there soon.”

Brown said he got a text message from quarterback Matt Schaub while he was still at the hospital, with Schaub saying he was happy to hear that everything was OK. Brown allowed only 2.5 sacks last season, and Schaub said Friday that he thinks Brown has molded himself into the best left tackle in the NFL.

“We’re really relieved to know that it’s nothing too serious, that he’s going to be just fine,” Schaub said. “You hate to see anyone go down for any length of time, but just glad he’s going to be fine.”

No need for mournful drinking tonight, BRB. It's time for thankful, happy drinking.

Which, if you're like me, may be frighteningly similar.