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NFL Films Releases "Next Man Up," Definitely Worth Watching

"Next man up? That means I did a great job assembling the roster!"
"Next man up? That means I did a great job assembling the roster!"

If you have not seen it today, I strongly encourage you to watch “Next Man Up,” NFL Films’ review of the 2011 Houston Texans. To find out where to view it and get some quick thoughts about the video, you can hit the jump.

To watch "Next Man Up," click this link and see it on without commercials.

As usual, NFL Films puts together an unrivaled production. For 25-minutes, you will be treated to great game highlights combined with a ton of sideline conversation, including Brian Cushing giving J.J. Watt some pro-tips, Shaun Cody asking for a hug, and Arian Foster talking about angels in the end zone. Intrigued? You should be, faithful Texans fan.

I have to admit that watching the episode was a fantastic reminder of how much this team overcame last season, but also gave a brief bitter memory of how close they were to the AFC Championship Game, and maybe even more.

My personal highlights of “Next Man Up” have to be getting another glimpse at the Texans’ biggest road victory in franchise history and the Cincinnati division-winning drive. I will never grow tired of seeing that drive, even when I get to be an old man like bfd.

Again, here is a link to “Next Man Up.” There could be no better way to knock out some time between now and the kickoff to tomorrow’s 2012 preseason opener.

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