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We've been fortunate to see a lot of newcomers here at BRB since last season ended, so a quick announcement about how we handle game day is in order. We're also going to do things a little differently this year, so even the long-time regulars may want to read on. Jump with me, won't you?

In the past, we've posted the first open game day thread four (4) hours before kickoff. Occasionally, that first thread would have hundreds of comments before kickoff, which made navigating it slightly more tedious than some would like. Therefore, we're going to tweak the BRB game day plan a bit this season.

Starting today, we'll get a pre-game/countdown thread up four (4) hours before kickoff (e.g., 2 p.m. CDT for Texans-Panthers, which kicks off at 6 p.m. CDT). That'll be your venue for chatting and sharing your excitement/observations/witty banter as the Texans game creeps closer.

Then, one hour before kickoff (e.g., 5 p.m. CDT today), we'll get the official first quarter open game thread up. At that point, the conversation can move there and continue through the first quarter. Whichever staff member is handling the open threads will be responsible for getting additional threads published as necessary; generally, we'll plan on doing a new one for each quarter, but a surplus or dearth of comments could result in less or additional threads.

Finally, after the game is over, we'll get a post-game thread up. That post will link to box score of the game, perhaps the writer's immediate reaction to what happened, and then we'll turn it loose for everyone to share their thoughts in the Comments.

Sound like a plan?