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Texans - 26, Panthers - 13: Post-Game Open Thread

Pictured: Not Jacoby.
Pictured: Not Jacoby.

Look, we know the final score of a preseason game doesn't matter. Heck, the Rams won all four of theirs last year. That said, after being sans footed balls for what felt like roughly 37 years, it's nice --- if wholly unimportant --- to wind up on the winning side of the ledger, right? Of course it is.

This is your final open thread for the evening. So if you're not out watching the Perseids because you'd prefer to discuss the shooting star that is Trindon Holliday in the open field, this is your place. (Seriously, though . . . if you're not under cloud cover tonight, you really should go peak at at the meteor shower. It's pretty awesome.)

After the jump, a few quick thoughts on the game:

1. Did it look to anyone else like Connor Barwin had put on some weight in the offseason? Seemed to be about 20 lbs heavier, but still looked quick, especially laterally. Looked stronger, too; his bullrush kept Cam's attention, making Brooks Reed's sack a little easier.

2. Matt Schaub's final stats are nothing to write home about, but it did seem like his foot felt good. He had some spring in his step and was (relatively) quick on the rollouts.

3. I hope Alan Ball is renting and didn't buy a house in Houston.

4. About five minutes into the first offensive possession, I realized something: I really, really enjoy not having Jacoby Jones on the field.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to fire up some Bad Company and watch some stuff fall from the heavens. September 9 can't get here soon enough.