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Gary Kubiak Speaks After Texans-Panthers Preseason Opener

A teaching moment.
A teaching moment.

Thanks to for the transcript. As usual, I've highlighted some of the quotes that jumped out at me. Gary Kubiak talks about what he saw on Saturday night, the state of the Texans after their first preseason game, what he expects when the 49ers come to town on Saturday night:

(on NT Shaun Cody’s back injury) "He’s got a disc issue. We’re really still in an evaluation process. He received an epidural today and we’re going to see how he reacts to that, so I think it’s going to be a couple days before we really know exactly what we’re looking at, but obviously he’s going to miss some time here this week."

(on the right side of the offensive line in the first preseason game) "I think that (T Rashad) Butler and (G Antoine) Caldwell played like they were more veterans than the other two, which you would expect, but I think they all did some good things. The young kid (G Brandon Brooks) came in and I thought he did some good things, especially in pass-pro (protection). I thought (T Derek) Newton was a little inconsistent but continues to flash. It’s going to be a good battle. We played those guys probably more than any of our older players last night and that will be on a continuous basis over the next couple weeks. I think they kind of played the way I expected them to play."

(on the excitement WR Keshawn Martin brings) "Y’all can see him. He has tremendous speed. He outran a couple guys right there and found a way to make a 10 or 11 yard gain, where it might be a 5-yard loss. He’s a very talented young man. I thought he held himself together pretty good. (He) had some mistakes, some consistency stuff, but for a guy to be here two weeks and start at receiver in his first preseason game, I thought he did a pretty good job."

(on an overview of the quarterbacks) "I thought it was pretty good. I liked what I saw from Matt (Schaub). I thought he was sharp. It had been a while since he’d been in the pocket. Other than the turnover which we caught a corner fire, a blitz that we did not pick up, but he’s got to protect the ball right there. But I thought he looked like himself. I think T.J. (Yates) is growing as a player, getting better and better. John Beck handled himself really well. And then I think Case (Keenum) did a good job; he’s working with our young offensive line. We had some breakdowns up front, but he found a way to keep things positive and move the football. So I’ll give him some more this week, but I thought all four of them did some pretty good things."

(on if WR Andre Jonson and ILB Brian Cushing will play) "Yeah, I didn’t mention Cush (Brian Cushing). Cush should be on the field in the morning. He’s doing great, he’s feeling really good. Y’all know we left him at home and he’s had a good weekend, so he’s back to himself. Andre (Johnson), it’s early. It’s Sunday, but yeah, he should play. If everything goes according to schedule, he should play this week. He could have played in the game, but he was behind everybody else practice time-wise, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. He did get a good workout yesterday. We’ll continue to push him forward. I expect him to get his reps this weekend. Is it as many as the ones we’ll play? I don’t know, we’ll see."

(on WR Lestar Jean) "Did some really good stuff. Needs to get consistent because he has a chance to be a heck of a player. But made some tough catches last night for us, did a pretty good job in the running game, made a couple tackles on special teams but needs to continue to get consistent with what he’s doing because he has a chance to be a big-time player in this league, not just a good player. So we’re going to push him, trying to find that next level."

(on the kicking competition) "I think maybe Shayne (Graham) kicked off a little bit better than our young buck (Randy Bullock), but I think they both kicked well. I was very impressed with Randy, the last field goal. I don’t know that I’m kicking that filed goal in a regular season game right there in that situation in the game, but we wanted to give him a chance. Boy, he put it in the net from what, 52 or 53 (yards)? He’s been impressive, but Shayne (Graham)’s having a good camp too, so it’s going to be a good competition."

(on what he’s planning to do differently against San Francisco) "We’ll really pick up our reps. (RB) Arian (Foster) has got to get his touches, start to get his touches and get ready for the season. Obviously, we just won last night, very physical football team. We’ll play our one’s at least a quarter-and-a-half as we move forward. It will be a good test for us. I just got through watching the film of them against Minnesota; they look very good."