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Sponsored Post: Houston Texans, Fantasy Football, And You

Are you the guy who drafts Ben Tate too early?
Are you the guy who drafts Ben Tate too early?

The arrival of the preseason means different things to different people. For many of us, it means that fantasy football, and the best part of the fantasy football experience (a/k/a/ "the draft), is mere days away. Some of you may have already drafted your squads (though I'm not sure why you'd do it this early unless you absolutely had to). I'd wager a hefty majority of you have not yet drafted, and you may be wrestling with the age-old eleven year old question of which Houston Texans you should draft and, perhaps more importantly, when you should draft them.

Luckily for you, we can chat about these questions after the jump.

1. Arian Foster: He seems to be the consensus first overall pick in fantasy football this year, so odds are you're not getting him if you're not picking first overall. Related note/query...I learned today that I have the first overall pick in my twelve-team fantasy league. I'm a big proponent of drafting one of the big three QBs early. But there's no way I can pass on Arian Foster, is there?

2. Andre Johnson: Not in the first round. Not in the second round. I'd have a hard time passing on him in the third round, but I could see the wisdom in doing so. I've seen some mocks that have him going as late as the fifth round. When would you draft 'Dre?

3. Matt Schaub: Coming off a season-ending injury and piloting an offense that prominently features its running game, Schaub could be a solid under-the-radar selection. He won't put up the numbers Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees/Tom Brady will, but he also won't cost you a top pick. If you need a QB, you could do a whole lot worse than The Schaub in the middle of the draft. Depending on how many other irrational Texans fans are in your league, I think you could comfortably target him in the eighth round (maybe even the ninth or tenth?) and be pleased with your production at QB in 2012, considering all the talent you could feasibly accumulate at RB and WR in the first several rounds.

4. Ben Tate: Someone in your league is virtually guaranteed to reach for him earlier than they should. That's not to say he won't be productive (he will), but there's a good chance Tate is overvalued from a fantasy standpoint. Of course, I would rather have Tate on my squad than certain other starting RBs.

5. Owen Daniels: Could be a very sneaky value play late in your draft. In fact, if I couldn't score Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski early (no earlier than the third, though), I'd be tempted to table the idea of drafting a tight end until the eleventh or twelfth round with an eye toward adding OD then.

6. Houston Texans Defense: I'm a big believer in playing the matchups on defense from week to week, and I generally do not favor drafting a defense until my final or second-to-last pick. The Texans' defense is going to be salty this year, and I believe I'd draft them a big earlier than I usually would draft a defense, especially when you look at who they open with (Miami, @ Jacksonville) and close with (Indianapolis, Minnesota, @ Indianapolis).

7. Keshawn Martin: Sleeper? I think so, especially if your league gives points for return yards. Absent having a league full of Texans fanatics, though, you should be able to pluck him off the waiver wire.

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