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Shaun Cody To Miss Saturday's Game Against 49ers

He did have that fumble recovery in Week One of the 2011 season.
He did have that fumble recovery in Week One of the 2011 season.

Seeing as how the guy just had an epidural injection in his back a couple of days ago and we're still talking about preseason, this comes as no surprise. Gary Kubiak and Cody talk about it after the jump.

“He’s doing good,” Kubiak said. “We’re in a process here. I think we’re going to know more about it in three or four days. He’s feeling a lot better; I saw him out moving around today, so that’s a positive sign and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed and see how he responds.”

“He’s played with something before in his career and always finds a way to answer the bell,” Kubiak said. “It’s just a little scare right now, and hopefully in a couple days from now, we’ll be moving forward and everything’s okay. But I know the last 24 hours have been very positive.”

Shaun Cody, on Shaun Cody:

“I’m doing a magical voodoo device here that heals everything instantly, so these are going to cure me,” the eighth-year veteran said.

Cody also said there is “no doubt” he will be ready for Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 9.

It seems strange, especially considering how down many of us have been on Cody as a NT, but is there any question he's a better option than Earl Mitchell or anyone else at this point in time?