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Reminder: BBRB's Jersey Contest And BRBAPALOOZA

Consider this a friendly reminder that next week features a couple of banner days at BRB. No, I am not talking about BFD's quarterly sponge bath. I'm talking about things that will excite, not horrify, you.

Next Friday (08/24/12 at 11:59 p.m. CDT) is the deadline to submit your entry for Barry's BRB Jersey Contest. Tempted as you might be to wait until the last minute, remember that any ties will be broken by date of entry; the earliest/earlier entry wins in the event of a tie, so it behooves you to get your guess at who will be on the 53-man roster in as soon as you feel like you've got a good idea what the roster will look like.

Secondly, remember that the Texans-Saints game on Saturday, August 25th will be the focus of the latest BRBAPALOOZA at 360 Sports Lounge. If you like watching football with fellow Texans fans and chatting with celebrities like Football Outsiders' Rivers McCown, you should attend. If you need further inspiration, there will also be $2.00 domestic drafts (that includes Shiner), $3.00 wells, and happy hour prices for all appetizers on the menu.

If we should count on you for one or both of these, let us know in the Comments.