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Texans - 20, 49ers - 9: Post-Game Open Thread

Lestar Jean-esque
Lestar Jean-esque

You know what is more difficult than you'd expect? Writing the setup for a post-game thread when you weren't actually able to watch any of said game. BECAUSE THANKS NFL NETWORK! Yet here I am, writing the intro, counting down the hours until tomorrow when I can see the game. So it goes.

Anyhoo, this is your post-game open thread (obviously). Here's the score and stats and stuff. After the jump, I'll throw out some random thoughts, some of which might actually pertain to the game or to the Texans generally.

1. I love that Trindon Holliday is looking so awesome in the return game. Every time he does something, I'm reminded of Rivers' draft-day piece on Holliday, which remains one of my favorite BRB posts for its hilarious simplicity.

2. How great was it to see Andre Johnson on the field again, catching "deep" (relatively speaking) throws from Matt Schaub? No, seriously--how great was it? BECAUSE, AGAIN, I DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT.

3. So Lestar Jean is likely to go down in history as the greatest Texan ever, right? I mean, that seems like a given at this point. Canton is a mere formality for The Star Jean. (That's how it translates, I think.)