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BREAKING: J.J. Watt, Brandon Brooks Injured

Per the Twitter Machine, J.J. Watt left practice with "an arm injury" and Brandon Brooks was "taken off field by Houston training staff." As should be obvious by my use of vague, Twitter-sourced quotes, details on both injuries are non-existent at the moment. More updates as events warrant.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here in full-blown panic mode until I know how badly Watt is hurt. #VivaMarioBlanco

UDPATE [10:18AM]: According to Matt Jackson, Brooks' "injury" was heat-related, and Watt's injury has been more specifically defined as an elbow injury.

My general sense of panic remains intact.

UPDATE [10:32AM]: Tweeteth Scurfield, "Andre Johnson on JJ Watt: 'From what I’m hearing, it’s not season-ending. I think he’ll be out there with us on game 1.'"

So there's that. Panic level: Mauve.

UPDATE [10:49AM]: More details from Scurfield:

Head coach Gary Kubiak said the injury would have to be evaluated but that he thinks Watt will be ready by Week 1.

“J.J.’s got elbow issue that we’ve obviously got to evaluate here at lunch time and see what happens,” Kubiak said. “I’m trying to smile. I’m concerned until we go find out what’s going on. But you know, I don’t want to say nothing. It’s his elbow, we’re gonna take a look at it. Hopefully, everything will be OK.”