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J.J. Watt Tweets About His Injury, Seems To Confirm He'll Miss Preseason

Time to do your best J.J. Watt impression, Mr. Crick.
Time to do your best J.J. Watt impression, Mr. Crick.

As MDC posted a few hours ago, J.J. Watt was injured at practice this morning. The initial vague diagnosis was some sort of "arm injury." The diagnosis now seems to have zeroed in on his elbow, and there's still been no definitive word how much time Watt will miss, though comments made by Gary Kubiak have led to stories that Watt could miss the entire preseason.

Through his Twitter account, J.J. Watt appears to tacitly agree with that assessment.

Update (bfd): Via Adam Schefter's Twitter:

Football: Texans DE J.J. Watt dislocated his elbow today. Texans doctors popped it back in and Watt expected to not miss much time.

Updated update (bfd): Via the mothership's Twitter:

"We dodged another bullet...All the tests came out good...We're very, very fortunate." -Kubiak on Watt (dislocated elbow)

Adversity makes you stronger. I will be on the field against the Dolphins. Better than ever. #BullsOnParade

There are plenty of ways to react to this news, and I imagine the Comments will feature people running across the full spectrum of emotion (e.g., "WE'RE SCREWED!" all the way to "REMAIN CALM! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!"). Personally, I'm not freaked out. Yet.

Obviously, you don't want J.J. Watt missing any time. That's disappointing. But if J.J. Watt is going to miss time, might as well be during the preseason. Watt's a monster who knows what to do in Wade Phillips' scheme. The additional comfort that comes with more reps, especially for a second-year player, would have been nice, but a missed preseason isn't a season-killer in this instance.

Looking for a silver lining to this disappointing development? Its name is Jared Crick. He's going to get a whole lot more reps than he would have before, and that could be hugely beneficial for the upcoming season and beyond.