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Does Trindon Holliday Make The Texans' 53-Man Roster?

To the house.
To the house.

Trindon Holliday had a kick return for a TD (as well as several other solid returns) against the Panthers, and he followed that effort up with a punt return to the end zone in Saturday night's win over San Francisco.

My question to you is this: Will Trindon Holliday make the Texans' 53-man roster? My thoughts at the moment, as well as a poll, are after the jump.

If you had asked me that question before the Carolina game, my answer would have been "Absolutely not. He can't play wide receiver, and the Texans don't have room for another specialist." After the Carolina game, my answer would not have changed; I still didn't think Trindon would survive the final cut.

Now, after the 49ers game? I remain of the mind that Holliday doesn't make this team, but I'm not nearly as sure. I wouldn't put Holliday's chances at 50/50; maybe 33/67 (the first number being his chance of making this team), or 40/60 max? I don't think Smithiak can realistically count on Holliday to play WR, so if you're putting him on the roster, it's strictly as a return guy, which means someone else that you planned on keeping has to go, be it via cut or IR stash. Any guesses as to who the odd man out would be if the Texans were to keep Holliday would be just that--speculation--but it's at least worthy of discussion in light of what Holliday has done on special teams in the first two preseason games.

Make your voice heard in the poll and the Comments. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks. Has Trindon bowled you over? Do you need to see more? Does it even matter since he'd be a pure return specialist?