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Fantasy Football Drafts Are Upon Us

The Houston Texans cheerleaders - part of many fantasies, I'm sure.
The Houston Texans cheerleaders - part of many fantasies, I'm sure.

Now that we are headed to that third preseason game, there will be a noticeable uptick in…Fantasy Football Drafts! What? Did you think we were going to talk real, live preseason football here? Hit the jump for a look at Battle Red Blog's drafting times.

There are three glorious leagues that I know of:

Battle Red Blog MMXII, 12-teams scheduled to draft Sunday August, 26th at 4:00pm CDT. This is the longest-running BRB league, if I recall correctly. It’s also graced by bfd’s lovely presence.

Battle Red Blog The Sequel, 16-teams scheduled to draft Monday August, 27th at 6:15pm CDT. This one can be changed if need be. This league’s draw is that, points-wise, it’s pretty balanced. I think the draft here will be really fun to watch play out.

- Jonathan Wells Memorial League, 16-teams (NEED ONE MORE!) scheduled to draft TONIGHT at 8:30pm CDT. This one can also be changed if need be…and need may be if we don’t get team #14. Bad players and bad plays reign supreme in this league, designed for poops and chuckles!

I know there were a few other leagues started in the comments section here (like distant_texans_fan's league that drafted already, the open threaders had one, and UprootedTexan is in about 38 other leagues). Feel free to remind people about those draft times. If you still want to join or start a league, please feel free to use the comments to do so, as well. If you want to trash talk your league…do so below, too. If you need fantasy advice? Shoot. Consider this Yahoo-sponsored thread open to all things fantasy.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports and fantasy league families everywhere. In addition to the great drafting, trading, scoring and research that makes it the #1 free fantasy football game, this season also features a brand new mobile app and Pro Leagues, where you can compete for cash! Get ready for kickoff by signing up now!