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With Their First Pick, Battle Red Blog Selects...

No, you're not having a horrible acid flashback to the days of 3,000 mock draft picks. Thanks to Xfinity, Battle Red Blog and several other SBN affiliated blogs will participate in a fantasy league pitting blog against blog in a battle to find which blog reigns supreme (y'all know the answer to that one).

The eight other SBN blogs (along with Xfinity's resident sports guy) participating include:

Niners Nation (San Francisco 49ers)
Mile High Report (Denver Broncos)
Bleeding Green Nation (Philadelphia Eagles)
The Falcoholic (Atlanta Falcons)
The Phinsider (Miami Dolphins)
Music City Miracles (Tennessee Traitors)
Big Cat Country (Jacksonville Jaguars)
(BLOG NAME REDACTED: Detente Issues)

And as I pored over the various ranking charts for the 327 fantasy leagues I'm already involved in, I started thinking, this is about more than just a handful of bloggers picking who'll pile up the best stats. No, this is a matter of honor, of our blog's integrity (yes, we have integrity!). Since without you readers there wouldn't be a blog, that makes y'all as much a part of this blog as us writers are.

With that in mind, I feel that y'all should have some say in which players BRB's team takes in the SBN fantasy football league draft.

Want to know how to participate? I'll explain after the jump.

There we are. Comfortable? Good.

Here's how it'll work:

Just before BRB's pick in the draft comes up, I'll offer a list of 2-5 names who I am considering taking with that pick, each in their own individual comment.

When the last name is listed, you will vote on which player to take by rec'ing the player name I list.

The voting will be open for 15-20 seconds (it has to be quick, since each pick is allowed 90 seconds), after which I will refresh my screen and whoever has the most recs will be the player taken. If by some chance of luck BRB gets the first overall pick, there will be no discussion as I'm pretty sure I know who we'd all take there.

When a pick is made, I will update the team on the main body of the post for all to see. I will try to keep y'all updated with other team's picks, but I don't promise I'll be able to keep up.

In case of a tie, I will cast the tie-breaking vote for that pick. If for any reason I am unable to view the number of recs and time's running short, I will make the final decision; hopefully that won't be the case.

If you would like to take part in this endeavor, here are some of the league settings so you can make a more informed decision.

The draft lasts for 15 rounds and the lineup consists of the following:

QB x 1
WR x 2
RB x 2
TE x 1
W/R x 1
W/R/T x 1
K x 1
DEF x 1
IR x 1
Bench x 5


25 yds = 1 pt
If over 300 yds, each 25 yards = 2 pts
If over 500 yds, each 25 yards = 3 pts
Passing TD = 6 pts
INT = -2 pts

10 yds = 1 pt
If over 100 yds, each 10 yds = 2 pts
If over 200 yds, each 10 yds = 4 pts
Rushing TD = 6 pts

10 yds = 1 pt
If over 100 yds, each 10 yds = 2 pts
If over 200 yds, each 10 yds = 4 pts
Receiving TD = 6 pts

Fumbles = -2 pts
Return TDs = 6 pts

0-39 yds = 3 pts
40-49 yds = 4 pts
50+ yds = 5 pts
PAT Made = 1 pt
PAT Missed = -1 pt

Sack = 1 pt
INT = 2 pts
Fumble Recovery = 2 pts
TD = 6 pts
0 Points Allowed = 10 pts

1-6 Points Allowed = 7 pts

7-13 Points Allowed = 4 pts

14-20 Points Allowed = 1 pt

21-27 Points Allowed = 0 pts

28-34 Points Allowed = -1 pts

Frank Bush Level Points Allowed (35+) = -4 pts

The draft begins tonight--August 21st--at 7 p.m. CST (5 p.m. PST). See y'all there!