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Rashad Butler Talks About Competition For Starting Right Tackle Gig

"No, Case, I will not let you get snaps at right tackle."
"No, Case, I will not let you get snaps at right tackle."

I haven't really read or heard much from either Rashad Butler or Derek Newton about their ongoing tussle to see who will succeed Eric Winston as Houston's starting right tackle. Until Nick Scurfield posted this on the official site yesterday, that is. We've got some selected comments from Butler weighing in with his thoughts about the competition after the jump.

“It’s great,” Butler said on Monday. “I love competition. Competition definitely lights a fire under my rear end, so to say.”

“I understand what they’re doing because I missed damn near the whole entire season last year with a severe triceps tendon injury, so I know they wanted to see the things that I could do,” Butler said. “I know if I was able to not get injured and if I was there throughout the whole entire season, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be having this battle that I’m having now, but I have no problems with the battle whatsoever, no issues.”

“You know, whatever is going to happen, happens,” Butler said. “I don’t ever want to be the type of guy that’s going to sell the guy that I’m battling short, so I try to help him out as much I can, because if he does become the starter, I want him to help this team to try to win. I don’t ever look at it as, ‘Let me hold something back that can help make him better’ and things of that nature. He asks me a lot of questions, too, so I’m all for helping him, and I’m all for competition.”

Seems like a tremendously healthy outlook, doesn't it? Who do you think is starting at RT come September 9th--Butler or Newton? Rock the vote in the poll below.