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The IRS Presents Battle Red Bag-Related Submissions Post

Folks, you may have noticed the conspicuous absence of the Battle Red Bag. Actually, some of you may be so new that you don't know what a Battle Red Bag is. You're probably thinking, "Oh no, it's a sack that they throw new posters in while they paddle them!" Well, you'd be right. Or you would have been in 1962. Thanks a lot, Supreme Court vs. McCown.

Anyway, the Battle Red Bag was a post run by MDC before they discovered his offshore tax shelters and bankrupted him. Or before he took to spending his days fanning himself and saying "Ah, it's too hot today." Either way, the point of the post is to accept your questions, sports and non-sports related, and answer them. In MDC's case, he answered them in the sort of detail that borders on a novel.

I won't quite be doing that. But, I will gladly answer all questions that you have, as we begin our foray into the land of lazy posting that keeps me from being completely useless to Tim's website the McCown Battle Red Bag Era.

WHAT: The Battle Red Bag
WHO: You, as the person with questions.
HOW: By using your email operating system, or a web browser that allows access to one.
WHERE: Send said questions to rivers (dot) mccown (at) gmail (dot) com, preferably with the title "Battle Red Bag," "Bag questions," "Battle Red Bag Questions," or "DISCOUTN SALE NOW: VIAGRA OR CIALIS."
WHEN: We'll have a big post where I answer whatever questions I deem worthy of my time sometime next week.
WHY: Because I know you're just aching to get over Jeanette, dude. I can feel it. But I can't help you if you won't ask the right questions.

(Please do not direct Football Outsiders-related questions to me. I'm trying to keep this informal.)