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Houston Texans Place NT Sonny Harris On Injured Reserve

Fangupo Wan-Kenobi, you're our only hope for a NT with size.
Fangupo Wan-Kenobi, you're our only hope for a NT with size.

After re-watching Saturday's preseason game between the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers, I said this about Ra'Shon 'Sonny' Harris: "He showed the ability to penetrate and clog lanes in his first drive, coming with the first-team, and nabbed three total tackles on the night, one due to Jared Crick penetrating and forcing the running back to cut right into Harris. I would not be surprised if Harris landed somewhere on this roster." I also mentioned that he was the best nose tackle playing on Saturday and had played snaps with the first-team defense.

After a nice performance, today's news about Harris certainly was not good to hear.

Helped by opportunity thanks to Shaun Cody's injury, Harris, a second-year pro from the University of Oregon, had been seeing snaps with the first-team in practice and games. As noted, I saw positive plays from Harris and thought there was something there. I was not the only one who was impressed with Harris, as others had begun penciling him into the 53-man roster.

Harris was injured during practice on Tuesday and diagnosed with a torn triceps muscle that will land him on injured reserve and end his 2012 season, announced head coach Gary Kubiak. There is never a good time for an injury, but to see a young player on the verge of making the roster go down? That is a bit of a downer. Hopefully, Harris will come back strong for 2013 camps.

As for the 2012 Texans, Houston enters this weekend's game with the New Orleans Saints a bit thin at nose tackle. Only Earl Mitchell and Hebron Fangupo will suit up at nose on Saturday night. Defensive savant Wade Phillips said Tim Jamison and Crick could also fill in at nose, but those two are already covering for a missing J.J. Watt. I imagine the Texans will bring in a body to help provide depth should anything happen to Mitchell or Fangupo, whose chances at making the final roster have, obviously, increased.

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