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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Saints?

If you're in Houston tomorrow night, the answer to this question should be easy. Surely you're saying, "Why, I'm insulted you'd even ask, Tim. Of course I'll be at 360 for BRBAPALOOZA. How can I pass up the opportunity to watch my beloved Houston Texans on a bunch of TVs while eating good food (appetizers will be sold at happy hour prices all night long), drinking $2.00 domestic drafts (Shiner, even) and/or $3.00 wells with other rabid Texans fans?"

To which I respond, "You are a brilliant soul and the sole reason why we keep BRB up and running. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. We'll quaff many steins and enjoy watching the Texans play in the most meaningful of exhibitions games. It shall be grand."

I realize not all of you will be in Houston tomorrow night, so perhaps you're looking for somewhere to watch the Texans play, or you've got a great game-watching spot in your area that you think other Texans should know about. Enlighten us in the Comments.