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Houston Texans Make First Round Of Roster Cuts Of 2012

With his jersey already half way off, Kasey Studdard hits the tequila hose.
With his jersey already half way off, Kasey Studdard hits the tequila hose.

Imagine if you walked in to work tomorrow and somebody said, "Hey, thanks for your effort, but we can only keep two accountants this year and you're one of the other four that isn't going to be able to stay."

Imagine further if all the other companies in the world were cutting back on their accounting departments on the same day, so it's not like there were a bunch of openings you could go after. Furthermore, considering you never really put much effort in college into anything other than accounting, it's not like you can fall back on that sociology class you almost went to.

Such is the life of borderline NFL players in late August. While for the most part, I hold very little sympathy for the average professional athlete (in large part because of my uncompromising jealousy), I do have quite a bit of respect for those that hold only a glimmer of hope of making a roster. Here you have someone who sets his entire life aside for the incredibly slight chance that maybe, just maybe, he'll realize his ultimate dream.

Even more so, they take that chance in full public view of thousands, if not millions, of some of the most critical people around.

So while we may condemn some of these guys for their lack of football talent, I'd like to take a brief moment to commend them for taking that chance that most of us don't have the rocks to consider.

With that said, here's a quick look at the poor saps who's season has ended before week one.

While there's been no formal announcement on the mothership's website just yet (BFD's FanShot was from the team's official Twitter feed), here's the list of guys who will not be playing for your Houston Texans this season (unless, you know, they get signed again later).

T Nick Mondek: Likely not the last we've heard of him.

DE Jimmy Sadler-McQueen: He has five career tackles in the Arena league. Not the greatest NFL resume.

FB Derrell Smith: He has zero stats this preseason. Sorry, man.

G Kasey Studdard: As BFD said, woo-to-the-MFin'-hoo.

CB Torri Williams: His Wikipedia page consists of five sentences.

C Thomas Austin: According to Alan Burge, he's not quite dead yet.

LB Omar Gaither: I really have nothing to add here.

P Brett Hartmann: Donny Jones better not get too comfortable just yet.

WR Bryant Johnson: The curse of youth. That, and not actually being very good.

WR Mario Louis: For the first time since 2005, the Houston Texans will be Mario-less.

RB Davin Meggett: Let's hope he doesn't follow the career path of another D. Meggett, NFL RB.

And finally, while he wasn't cut, the Texans announced earlier today that they placed their fifth-round draft pick, Randy Bullock, on Injured Reserve. We almost certainly haven't seen the last of him, though it would appear Shayne Graham can be declared the winner of the kicking competition.

Teams have to get their rosters down to 53 players by 8 p.m. CDT on Friday, August 31, 2012 (the night after the Texans' final preseason game). If you're interested, here's a good rundown of all the other important dates on the 2012-2013 NFL calendar.