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Jabar Gaffney Released: Will the Texans Take a Gander?

Remember me?  I still have all my fingers!
Remember me? I still have all my fingers!

This post is purely speculation, but as there's been quite a bit of talk about our WR corps, a newly free-range Jabar Gaffney caught my eye.

Of course, you might remember Jabar Gaffney from films such as "Second Draft Pick in Texans History" and "We're Sitting You for Corey Bradford." But after struggling with the Texans, Gaffney has gone on to have a pretty darn decent career.

Currently, the Texans depth at WR is fairly grim, though promising. Andre Johnson (GOAT) retains his WR1 title, and Kevin Walter will start as our WR2. Keshawn Martin has won the WR3 job, but he's not going to last long if his fumblitis continues untreated. Lestar Jean is the heir apparent at WR2 and has done nicely in the pre-season, but things get iffy from here.

Bryant Johnson was cut yesterday, so he's out of the picture. Personally, I do not believe Trindon Holliday makes the team because his risk/reward leans far too heavily in the wrong direction. DeVier Posey struggled during camp and has yet to collect a receiving counting stat in the pre-season. I have a sneaking suspicion his injury will be IR worthy. Thus, if we have five wideouts on the 53-man roster, we're talking about Juaquin Iglesias, Jerrell Jackson, or Jeff Maehl manning the final slot.

I have no idea if the Texans' front office is considering Gaffney. Heck, they could all be gathered around a computer, repeatedly hitting F5 on the front page to see what we're saying about it (and wondering how someone so virile and manly could be saying something so incredibly goofy). But I think we'd be well-served by having Gaffney in for a visit and kicking his proverbial tires. Our cap space, generally speaking, should leave us room. I've longed believed we were going to sign an additional WR, and Gaffney is a decent option here.

How decent? Well, in 2011, Gaffney managed to haul in 68 receptions and 947 yards from Rex Grossman (yes, the Sex Cannon himself) and John Beck, who still manages to be on the Texans roster. In 2010, catching passes from Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, Gaffney had 65 grabs for 875 yards. And he had 54 for 732 in 2009 in Denver. Over the past three seasons, he's been a quality possession receiver, too, with 128 of his 187 catches going for a first down.

Is he the missing piece that is going to push Houston over the hump and into a Super Bowl? Of course not. But if I had to place a bet on which receiver would be the most productive in Houston, I'd take Gaffney over Maehl, Iglesias, or Jackson.