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Majority of Texans Starters Not Expected To Play At All Thursday Night Against Vikings

Last game on the sidelines, J.J.  Last one.
Last game on the sidelines, J.J. Last one.

As you probably expected, you won't see many of the starters play on Thursday night when the Vikings come to Reliant to close out the preseason. I trust this means the NFL will order teams to refund all but a few dollars of the cost of a ticket to Thursday night's game to each seasn ticket holder, right? Because it's absurd that season ticket holders pay the full regular season freight for such a meaningless exhibition game, right? We can all agree on that, can't we? Hello?

Anyway, Kubes says:

(on starters playing Thursday) "No I don’t think so. I think really throughout the first group you’re not going to see those guys. I think maybe one or two, I can’t think of them off hand that could get some reps, but for the most part, the ones will not play at all."

After the jump, I'll highlight a quote or three dealing with who else won't be playing on Thursday night. Some of that might surprise you.

(on possibly playing DE J.J. Watt Thursday night) “No. I mean would I like him to have some reps before we go into Miami and stuff? Yes I would, but it just doesn’t make any sense. We’re fortunate; number one, he’s doing great. He practiced today. He looks good. If you put him out there you’re only going to put him out there 10 plays anyways, so why take the risk? We know what type of player J.J. is and what he brings. We may be in a position two weeks from now where there’s not a 50-play game for him or something that may come into play. But to throw him out there this Thursday on such short notice to me just doesn’t make any sense.”

(on if RT Derek Newton will play Thursday) “No I’m not going to play Derek (Newton). He’s part of the group that I’m not going to play. (Rashad) Butler will play so we’re going to work like I said with our twos and threes going into this game.”

(on if he will play QB T.J. Yates Thursday) “I will not. John Beck will start the game. He’ll play the first half. Case (Keenum) will play the second half.”

Kubes' stance on Watt makes perfect sense. I am a bit flummoxed that he's not going to insist on Newton and Yates getting some work on Thursday night. What say you?