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Report: Rashad Butler Lost For Season With Torn Triceps

"No, I will not accept a collect call from Seth Wand."
"No, I will not accept a collect call from Seth Wand."

It didn't look good when it happened, and it would appear that our worst fears concerning Rashad Butler's injury have been confirmed. Via Twitter, John McClain reports:

Texans OT Rashad Butler is out for season with torn triceps.

Although Butler lost the fight to start at right tackle to Derek Newton, he was invaluable as a backup swing tackle, thanks to his experience on both sides. I'm not quite sure where the Texans go from here. Brandon Brooks might be able to back Newton up at RT (I stress "might), but there's no one on the current roster who would seem to be a viable backup for Duane Brown on Matt Schaub's blind side. I'm not really buying Andrew Gardner as a replacement for Rashad Butler.

This is not good. Not good at all. I imagine the Texans will be paying close attention to which tackles are released by other teams tomorrow.