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More Details Emerge About Death At Reliant Stadium Last Night

According to the Houston Chronicle, authorities have identified the decedent as Jonathan Kelly, 25, of Houston. They say:

Jonathan Kelly allegedly was trying to slide down the outside of the handrail on the escalator at the Coca-Cola Gate near the northeast side of the stadium when he fell three stories, landing on the pavement, police said.

More from other local news outlets after the jump.

KHOU reports:

Witnesses said the man fell from the 600 level, which is one of the highest levels within the stadium. Cell phone video obtained from a game attendee showed people scrambling and pleading for someone to help the victim.

Randall Wisdom, a Texans fan from Channelview, said he and his 18-year-old daughter were on the escalator below the victim when the incident happened.

“My daughter is devastated, she’s never experienced something like that,” he said. “We seen him when he landed.”

Wisdom said they first saw a hat and cup fall, and the man came next.

KPRC has another witness account:

Several fans witnessed the fall and screamed.

"We were walking into our regular gate and heard this thud. I walked far enough to notice he wasn't responding and called 911, and then waited for security and police to show up," witness Lori Freesi said. "He landed on the first step or two, face-down."

ABC13 even has a picture of what happened. Ugh:

An Eyewitness News viewer sent us an image of the incident, but due to its graphic nature, ABC13 is choosing to not show it on air or online.

Many fans were shocked over the incident.

"I saw the aftermath. I was outside taking a cigarette and we saw them loading him up on the stretcher, sticking him in the car. There were about 15 HPD officers and EMTs near him," said fan Jared Bellr.

More to come, I'm sure. In the meantime, let's not forget that Mr. Kelly was someone's son, and quite possibly someone's brother, husband, father, cousin, colleague, and so forth. Please be respectful.