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Updated List Of Texans Cuts; 18 More Players Released

Farewell for now, Eddie.
Farewell for now, Eddie.

Your Houston Texans took to Twitter to announce several of their cuts. The names are after the jump.

Texans cut today: Brock, Browner, Hunter, Iglesias, King, Menkin, Moore, Supernaw, Wallace, White, Bryant, Fangupo, Grimes, Keenum...

...and Loiseau, Maehl, Norris, Pleasant

Seeing D.J. Bryant and Eddie Pleasant on that list give me pause; I'm not so sure that the Texans will be able to sneak them through to the practice squad, though I hope they can.

If my math is right, that's 18 names. We're till waiting on a couple of moves (IR? Other outright releases?) to get the roster down to 53.