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Houston Texans Depth Chart Heading Into First Preseason Game Released

You buying Trindon Holliday as a WR, KR, or a PR for the Texans' final 53-man roster?
You buying Trindon Holliday as a WR, KR, or a PR for the Texans' final 53-man roster?

Barry tweeted me about it, and UT got a FanShot with a link up here, but I wanted to get a full post up so we could flesh out the initial depth chart a bit more. My immediate reactions after the jump.

-Keshawn Martin ahead of Lestar Jean? We heard Martin was impressing, but that's a surprise, considering all the Lestar love so many had.

-The lack of proven depth along the offensive line is really startling, particularly at LT and LG. Makes me wonder whether there could be some additions there after teams start making their cuts.

-DeVier Posey sits third, behind Bryant Johnson, on the depth chart for WR2 entering the first preseason game. Does that surprise and/or trouble you?

-In addition to being FB1, is James Casey also really second on the TE depth chart? Or is Garrett Graham a legitimate backup for Owen Daniels?

-If there are any surprises on the defensive depth chart--and I'm not sure there are--it's that Brandon Harris is listed fourth at LCB. The situation's fluid, of course, but that wouldn't seem to bode well for the second-year DB.

-I don't put any stock into Shayne Graham being listed ahead of Randy Bullock right now. Those guys are going to alternate kicks for most of, if not all, preseason.

-Very interesting to see Trindon Holliday listed first on the depth chart at PR and KR. My money's on Keshawn Martin and Justin Forsett, respectively, being the guys when the regular season starts.

Your reaction, BRB?