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Reason To Celebrate: Matt Schaub Is Back, Baby, And He's Staying In Houston


While I fully believe I could have fulfilled my obligations under this new sponsored posting agreement by simply detailing my initial reaction to the news that Coors Light is now a sponsor of BRB--seriously, it involved an Irish jig and immediate consumption of copious amounts of Silver Bullets--I'll start the series out by noting a more Texans-related reason to celebrate.

Raise your glass and toast Matt Schaub, friends. Then jump.

After seeing his 2011 campaign end prematurely due to injury, The Schaub served notice that he's back to pre-injury form in the season-opening win over the Dolphins. The Texans came out throwing, and Schaub was tremendous. His command of the offense was crisp, as evidenced by his precision passing and the zero in the turnover column. We can debate who the most valuable Texan of the first game of the 2012 regular season game was, but Matt Schaub has to be in the conversation. And considering what he came back from, that's reason to celebrate.

The Texans' front office has a reason of their own to celebrate. They smartly locked Schaub up with a four-year extension the night before the game, though news didn't break until after the Texans-Dolphins game. Well played by all parties.