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Antonio Smith Fined For Kicking Richie Incognito, Will Appeal

Incognito?  More like VICTIMCOGNITO, am I right?
Incognito? More like VICTIMCOGNITO, am I right?

A lot of virtual ink was spilled earlier this week analyzing the Richie Incognito-Antonio Smith fracas that occurred during the Texans' season-opener last week. Not to paint it too broadly, but the overwhelming majority of Texans fans thought Incognito was engaging in dirty tactics and The Ninja Assassin was merely trying to protect himself. If anyone should be fined or suspended, most Texans fans said, it should be Incognito. Word that Smith has missed multiple practices this week with a bum ankle only served to add to the fans' outrage.

The league apparently disagrees that Incognito was solely responsible for the incident. They advised Antonio Smith today that he'll be fined $21,000.00 for his conduct.

Antonio, reached after practice today, said:

"I haven’t even read the letter yet. I just looked at the number. I’m disappointed but not surprised. I wish they had looked a little closer about why I did what I did — self-defense."

If Incognito escapes without any punishment, that'll be a miscarriage of justice. If you're going to fine Smith, you have to fine Incognito. I haven't read any word that Incognito has been fined, so increased disgust with the league's ruling against Smith would seem to be justified at the moment. More if there's any further news on the subject.