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Open Thread 2.0: Texans @ Jaguars - Death By 1,000 Screens


Let's recap the first quarter, shall we?

- The Houston Texans love themselves some screen passes. By my count, there has been about seven screen passes attempted.
- J.J. Watt is trying to gain employment with the Houston Rockets with each pass he swats.
- The fake referees have called a phantom offsides call and cannot find the camera.
- Shahid Khan's mustache is glorious. He also eschews your notion that owners must wear suits.
- Blaine Gabbert has improved, but he is not the quarterback from last week.
- Trindon Holliday finally decided to make good on that preseason promise with a beautiful 36-yard punt return.
- Ben Tate has come to play. He is running hard and has 41 rushing yards to Arian Foster's 13. Foster, however, has the game's lone touchdown.

All in all, the Texans have a 10-0 lead after the first quarter over the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is your open thread for all your second quarter observations and witty remarks. Go Texans!

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