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Reason To Celebrate (Texans v. Jaguars): J.J. Swatt


From Jerome Solomon's latest piece in the Chronicle:

"It’s a blast, we’re like little kids out there," said Watt, who missed the bulk of training camp because of a dislocated elbow. "It’s so much fun to just run around and make plays."

It's a blast for Texans fans to watch as well, Mr. Watt. It's not easy for a 3-4 defensive end to jump off the screen, yet that's precisely what J.J. Watt has done the first two games of the 2012 season (and for the majority of his professional career). As good as he was in the Week One win over the Dolphins, he may have been even better yesterday in the win over the Jaguars.

Watt's knack for deflecting passes is beyond uncanny. I have never seen a player better at getting his hands up at the line of scrimmage. And to paint Watt as a one-trick pony in that regard would be grossly inaccurate. He's a machine. He rushes the passer. He stops the run. He disrupts an offense. He is, in a word, phenomenal.

Can you imagine the Texans' defense without him? I know I can't. Which makes our collective reaction to his selection in the first round of 2011 NFL Draft, in retrospect, all the more puzzling.

Looking for a bonus reason to celebrate? How about the fact that none of us have any say in player acquisition for the Texans?