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Week 2 G.O.A.T.s: Where Can I Buy A J.J. Watt Jersey?

Wade Smith kept Matt Schaub clean, but he couldn't keep him dry.
Wade Smith kept Matt Schaub clean, but he couldn't keep him dry.

Remarkably, this is the third straight season where your Houston Texans have started 2-0. I could get behind this brand-new tradition. It is also the fourth time the good guys have started 2-0 in the seven-year Gary Kubiak era.

After a 27-7 victory, it really is hard to not be in a feel-good mood where we crack jokes, like the 2-0 tradition or about how Chris Johnson is being outrushed by Andrew Luck and Jake Locker. It was not a flashy win, but it was downright domination of another team. Aside from two plays on a shortened field, the Jaguars offense was nonexistent. Throw in losses by Tennessee and Dallas, and the Houston sports fan must be walking a bit taller today.

The only thing domination makes hard? Finding G.O.A.T.s. In a blowout win, it proved a bit tough to find only one person to praise and another one who was getting criticized. However, thanks to Twitter, I could find the latter. As for the former, hit the jump to keep the good times rolling.

Get On…The J.J. Watt for Defensive Player of the Year Bandwagon.
Yes, there have only been two games played, but this campaign needs to start early. Watt does not play for one of the media’s sweetheart teams nor does he play a glamorous position, but Watt’s early domination should deserves every bit of attention and then some.

In two games, Watt has three tackles for a loss, three sacks, five tipped passes, five quarterback hits, and a fumble recovery. Any defensive player would like those numbers, but a 3-4 defensive end who "should be taking on bodies for the linebackers to make plays" would kill for those numbers.

Beyond the numbers, Watt is having an impact on nearly every play. He is quick off the snap and strong as a bull, which makes him a handful for any offensive lineman. On 57 total dropbacks, Watt’s shown up on the stat sheet 13 times (22.8% of the time!!!). This does not count any of his pressures, nor does it add in running plays like those three tackles for a loss or anytime he clogs the lane and forces the running back to run sideways.

The Bulls On Parade have come out of the gates strong, and Watt’s the strongest player of the bunch. Having seen Watt’s work ethic and professionalism on display, I feel pretty safe in saying that he will not rest on his stats anytime soon, which is just the kind of attitude to drive him towards awards. Defensive Player of the Year or not, Watt’s at least making Wade Phillips’ preseason praise look smart.

Get Off…head coach Gary Kubiak.
I know I said it would be nice to see a deeper pass attempt or two during yesterday’s game, but we have some hard to please people out there in Texans Cyber World.

There were mentions of "Conserviak," jokes about screen passes, and people honestly getting angry that Kubiak opted to go for the first down as opposed to kicking a field goal at the end of the game.

There are some clown critics, bro (and sis).

Heading into the game, there was concern about how the Houston offensive line would hold up against Terrance Knighton and Tyson Alualu. Not only does the variety of running back, tight end, and wide receiver screens keep Matt Schaub clean and upright, and maybe the offensive gurus saw something on tape that showed susceptibility to screens, but putting all those screens on tape will have benefit next week. In Week Three, the Texans have to contend with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil, so Kubiak might have been playing chess four or five moves down the road.

When he gets a multiple-score lead against an overmatched team, Kubiak likes to run the ball. Heck, the love to run is not anything new since it has always been a Kubiak priority since he got here in 2007. This entire offense is built off the run and the new, young line needs snaps to get it together before the schedule gets tougher. It may be a bit premature to go into run-heavy mode in the third quarter, but Kubiak has finally got the situation he wants with Arian Foster and Ben Tate carrying the ball.

As for the field goal, why kick it when you could get two yards against a defeated defense to end the game? What does hitting 30 points even matter when you are already up by 20? You play to win the game, and Kubiak wanted to end the game.

Your turn to throw out some G.O.A.T.s, BRBers.

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