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BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League - Week Three


Have you ever played fantasy football and forgotten which players your opponent had, so you can hope unfortunate things happen to them, like a piano falling on them, only to check in on your matchup and learn that your opponent's quarterback went bonkers? That's what happened to me this week when I learned that not only did Eli Manning throw for over 500 yards, but we were also facing him in the SBN/Xfinity fantasy league.

When I saw Manning's name, I thought it was over, that BRB would be 0-2 and racing headfirst for the cellar. But, by some miracle or other, we defeated The Daily Norseman with a margin of victory so large that it would make Ben Roethlisberger's conscience jealous (2.62 points). I guess what I'm trying to say is we won. And if you'll join us after the jump, you can see our current standings in the league and this week's opponent.

Current Standings:

Kirk's Jerks (Mile High Report) (2-0)
Big Cat Country (2-0)
The Falcoholic (2-0)
Xfinity Sports Guy (2-0)
Battle Red Blog (1-1)
(REDACTED) (1-1)
Music City Miracles (1-1)
The Guru Returns (also Mile High Report) (1-1)
Bleeding Green (0-2)
The Daily Norseman (0-2)
The Phinsider (0-2)
Niners Nation (0-2)

This week, we face the Eagles' blog, Bleeding Green Nation. The list below is the team as I currently have it constructed. We removed Hakeem Nicks because he was injured and, having seen the Carolina game, I REALLY would like to have sat Cam Newton...even if it did mean Sam Bradford instead. But, I guess you can't have everything.

I'm trying to decide whether to play Anquan Boldin against the Patriots or Mario Manningham against the Vikings. Neither team has what you would call a good secondary. I don't want to play DeSean Jackson because Arizona's defense is pretty nasty, and I don't think he'll get a lot of points this week. I'm also not terribly thrilled with having Steven Jackson in against the Bears.

Position Battle Red Blog Opponent Bleeding Green Nation Opponent
QB C. Newton - CAR (Played) NYG M. Stafford - DET @BESFs
WR1 A. Boldin - BAL NE D. Thomas - DEN HOU
WR2 D. Bowe - KC @NO J. Maclin (Out) - PHI @ARI
RB1 D. McFadden - OAK PIT M. Lynch - SEA GB
RB2 B. Tate - HOU @DEN R. Bush - MIA NYJ
TE T. Gonzales - ATL @SD B. Celek - PHI @ARI
W/R S. Jackson (RB) - STL @CHI G. Little (WR) - CLE BUF
W/R/T O. Daniels (TE) - HOU @DEN R. Helu (RB) - WAS CIN
K R. Gould - CHI STL D. Akers - SF @MIN
DEF Bulls On Parade - HOU @DEN Pittsburgh - PIT @OAK
BENCH D. Jackson (WR) - PHI @ARI
BENCH H. Nicks (Out) @CAR
BENCH M. Manningham (WR) - SF @MIN
BENCH S. Bradford (QB) - STL @CHI
BENCH H. Miller (TE) - PIT @OAK

So this is where you come in. Who would you start this week? Tell me why and if you can convince me, I'll make the changes as needed.