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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Broncos?


Your Houston Texans are on the road again tomorrow. And playing in the late afternoon (3:25 p.m. CDT) game to boot. So not only will you not be watching Texans-Broncos at Reliant Stadium, but you may even choose to have something approaching a productive Sunday before the Texans game.

Yeah, me neither. It's football season. There are no productive Sundays.

Where will you be watching your Houston Texans as they strive for the first 3-0 start in franchise history?

At what I'll always call Mile High Stadium no matter what it's technically named now? If so, make sure to check out this post; Stephanie clues you in on some venues and organized activities for Texans fans to check out while in Denver for the game.

From the friendly confines of your own home?

From a well-worn chair at a cool sports bar?

Surrounded by like-minded chums, all loudly cursing Peyton Manning, at someone's house?

Let us know in the Comments. If you're looking for somewhere to watch the Texans play tomorrow afternoon, this is where you should ask the question. Similarly, if you've got a great game-watching spot in your neck of the woods and want to tip fellow Texans fans off to it, please share that information in the Comments below.