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Texans - 31, Broncos - 25: Post Game Open Thread


More accurately, that title could say "Texans - 31, Broncos/Refs/Blind Luck - 25," but there's no need to be catty like that, I guess. We can let the scoreboard do our trash talking for us, right?


Nah, forget that. Here's my response to basically every Broncos fan other than the wonderful Mike Clark:

Below, some quick thoughts. Continue the discussion about your undefeated Houston Texans in the comments. (Scoreboard.)

1. J.J. Watt is who you thought he was, assuming you thought he was a nearly unblockable beast of a human being destined to destroy the opponents' hopes and dreams.

2. Matt Schaub was never the same after the second personal foul --- tangent: Joe Mays is a piece of crap --- but his TD throw to OD was solid and his third-down toss to Andre Johnson was perfect. Aside from the brain fart at the end of the first half, it's hard to fault Schaub for much of anything.

3. Also hard to fault: Andre Johnson. Even when he missed that ball that hit him in the facemask/shoulder, he recovered in time to prevent an INT. He's so good.

4. Easier to fault: Ben Tate and Brice McCain. I'm sure they'll be discussed a lot this week, so I'm just leaving it at that.

5. DYK: every throw by Peyton Manning is catchable by definition. That's the only way the PI against Kareem Jackson made any sense.

6. Joel Dreessen is today's blind hog.

7. I want to get on Trindon Holliday for underwhelming punt returns, but he also killed a man (allegedly!) and had a nice hit on a fourth-quarter punt. So I'll give him a pass for now.

8. Arian Foster quietly had another typically great game. We're spoiled by him. And Mark Kiszla is a moron.