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Mays Suspended One Game for Chickenpoop Cheap Shot [UPDATE: Appeal Denied]

Sure, Joe Mays receives a one day suspension from Herr Goodell, but Mays deserves far more derision.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Roger Goodell's office didn't butcher something this week! Via PFT, noted coward Joe Mays was suspended for one game following his cheap shot Sunday on Matt Schaub. The hit was a blatant attempt to injure Schaub, as Mays aimed directly for Schaub's chin, forgoing any attempt to make the hit look legitimate.

Mays enters my personal Hall of A**holes, along with other luminaries such as Jared Allen, Albert Haynesworth, and, of course, Charley Casserly (Lifetime Achievement Award).

After the game, Mays was rumored to be attempting to steal candy from small children, but he ran away once confronted by an adult or a large-ish stuffed animal.

[UPDATE 9-27-12: Mays' appeal has been denied by the NFL, and he will miss Sunday's game. Deservedly so.]