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BRBAPALOOZA: Which Texans Road Game Do You Want To Watch With Fellow BRBers?

Time to cast your vote for which game should be the basis for the next BRBAPALOOZA.

Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images

For the past few years, BRB has made it a point to have a watch party during the Texans' regular season. It's a great opportunity to watch your beloved squad with fellow fans who are as devoted/deranged/socially awkward/recently paroled as you. And for Rivers to sign copies of the latest edition of the Football Outsiders Almanac.

The question thus becomes: Which game would you prefer to watch with your fellow BRBers at a sports bar (a/k/a 360)? In an effort to maximize attendance and availability, I've limited your options to road games that aren't being played on Thanksgiving.

Let your voice be heard by your vote after the jump. Then feel free to champion your cause in the Comments below; perhaps your smooth delivery will succeed in swaying a fan or two who is undecided as to which game he or she would prefer to be the impetus for the next BRBAPALOOZA.