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Site News: A Quick Update On SB Nation's Mobile Service

Best. Muttonchops. Ever. And read about the progress that's been made in making SB United even better.

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I received this email this morning, and I felt it pertinant to share it with you all.

Hey folks,

Over the past couple days, including early this morning, we released some
major changes to improve the load time on mobile. We cut down the size of
the pages more than half their original size and we're still exploring more
ways to decrease what we send down to mobile devices to make performance
better. We're now seeing load times in the range of 8-15 seconds depending
on the device. In addition to the size of the page we are going to work on
streamlining the user interface as well so that it's easier to scan the page and look
for new stories and comments on mobile. The reports sent in to have been very helpful in this process for feedback
and bugs and hints on which devices are particularly problematic. I
strongly encourage folks to continue sending these in - we really
appreciate it. We are taking this issue very seriously and will not rest on
improving the mobile experience until we're satisfied that it's the very
best it can be.

During the process to improve mobile, we also found some opportunities to
improve the performance of pages on all devices, including desktop. We
continue to work on IE 8. We've fixed bugs related to logging in and
commenting in that browser, but we continue to resolve visual issues. And
as always there are many other smaller fixes that we are continually

I encourage you all to email if you encounter something funky.

So far, so good.