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Texans Dismantle Titans 38-14

Attention! Texans win!

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Wow. I'm not even sure where to start. This was one of the most methodically efficient games I've seen from a team that has become famous for methodically efficient games. The defense scored twice and (before garbage time) kept the Tennessee offense in check all day long. J.J. Watt distanced himself even further in his campaign for Defensive Player of the Year. Matt Schaub was smooth as one could ask for and didn't turn the ball over while the run game kept chains moving and drives alive. There are a couple little things that need to be improved (ahem, cough cough Brice McCain and Trindon Holliday), but on the whole I could not be more pleased.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Houston Texans are 4-0, and the Tennessee Titans are 1-3. It is a good day.