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Introduce Yourself: Pleased To Meet You, Won't You Give Us Your Name?

From time to time, we here at BRB feel the need to do something special for y'all, something different, something that will take up a lot of time, get plenty of page hits, and not require a great deal of thought to put together.

Usually this happens around semi-relevant periods on the football calendar, such as draft day, the eve of a Texans' playoff run, or, in this case, the start of a new football season. As there seem to be a lot of new names and faces floating around, it seems like as good a time as any to give y'all the chance to introduce (or re-introduce) yourselves and offer a bit of information that will totally not go into our secret files at BRB Headquarters.

What? Why do you look so nervous? Sigh. If it'll make you feel any better, I'll go first, okay?

Just remember one thing: Pants are not mandatory, nor are they recommended.

They call me UprootedTexan, or UT for short (though I can't imagine why). I grew up on the mean streets of Humble, but have spent the last seven years living in beautiful, if slightly damp, Seattle. Of those seven years, I've spent roughly six and a half of them married to a wonderful woman whose sanity and judgment I question on almost a daily basis for putting up with the likes of me. We have no kids, though we do have a very nice, and cantankerous, old cat.

I've been a member of BRB for almost two years and have been part of the brain trust for just over a year now. Of course I only do this in a part-time capacity. In my real life, I split time between working as a content writer for an online store and as a local vigilante fighting for truth, justice, and fewer slugs slithering around outside my apartment.

As far as sports are concerned, I divide my loyalties between Houston and Seattle sports teams (mostly as a matter of good manners). My first and foremost loyalties, however, lie with our beloved Texans, and the Astros (yes, I am happy they are moving to the AL West), but I do watch Seahawks football, and the occasional Mariners game (apparently, I enjoy being miserable; go figure). As college teams go, I occasionally follow Houston Cougars football and basketball, but my true love is for the University of Puget Sound. Go Loggers! (no, really, that's what they're called.)

The list of teams I loathe is long, so I'll share the two most reviled: The Tennessee Traitors, I mean Titans, and the Oklahoma City Thunder for pretty much the exact same reasons (though, to be honest, it's mostly out of sympathy for Seattle fans).

But that's enough about me...

::Looks up at post::

...Way, way enough about me. Tell us about yourselves. Don't be shy. We won't record EVERYTHING you write down.